Business Continuity

Can your business survive a natural disaster or a major technological breakdown?

Organizations without a contingency plan in place to deal with IT failures may be exposed to risks that could halt business.

With business continuity from Mandry, you’ll have one less thing to worry about in a crisis. We offer solutions for all budgets to protect your critical business data and systems.

Mandry Technology Solutions offers business continuity planning that allows you to:

  • Rest assured that you can get your business up and running quickly should a disaster strike - we monitor and execute your business continuity requirements
  • Get a professional quality and secure backup system - that frequently updates your data and systems
  • Protect your data - with cost-effective backup and security solutions
  • Recover quickly and seamlessly - get back to business immediately in the event of a severe disaster

A business continuity plan from Mandry Technology Solutions can help you minimize the effects of disasters and ensure importance business operations continue.


Disasters don’t discriminate. They can affect any business, including yours. Business continuity solutions from Mandry can protect your most valuable assets and reduce your downtime so that you don’t have to bear the consequences of heavy losses.

Whether your business requires offsite storage services, managed disaster recovery services, virtual data recovery, business continuity solutions, online server, or secure offsite data backup mirrored to 2 cities, we have the solution.

Having a business continuity plan could mean the difference between recovery and your business going under. So let Mandry protect you from lurking disasters today.