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How we meet the needs of the healthcare industry.

Having spent over two decades managing IT operations and Healthcare IT (HIT) professionals we are acutely aware of the challenges facing administrators. We maintain SSAE 18 compliance, have an HCISSP (Healthcare Certified Information Systems Security Professional) on staff, and offer a robust portfolio of products and services tailored for hospitals and clinics. With our collective healthcare experience and unique business model; we deliver predictable, scalable, and cost-effective solutions that enable patient care providers and physicians to focus on what they do best; care for the people in their community.

Healthcare compliance-as-a-service/security & risk assessments.

Federal regulations require all healthcare organizations are to conduct an annual security risk assessment to ensure compliance with HIPAA’s administrative, physical, and technical requirements. This assessment, however, is not just a one-time review to indicate compliance, but rather is followed up by a comprehensive ongoing remediation plan. Remediation of compliance gaps are essential to securing incentives and preventing penalties.  Mandry Technology has spent decades working with providers to develop the most comprehensive Security Risk Assessments (SRA’s) that exceed HIPAA’s guidelines. Our SRA process ensures you maintain compliance for the entire year, giving you peace of mind when being audited. 

Application/EMR vendor management.

If you have ever managed multiple technology vendors, it is frustrating to spend valuable working hours delegating between your network engineers and EMR/EHR software engineers to fix a problem. Issues also arise when EMR/EHR software is set to update at varying times creating disruptions to daily work. To avoid such problems, we advocate on your behalf to manage all technology vendors when situations require a managed situational approach. As a result, you and your staff can focus on other priorities and be informed with the most up to date information.

Technology advising for the healthcare executive.

Technology professionals in most cases are not equipped to provide executive level reporting. Healthcare executive’s need visibility into their technology processes with accurate and timely data to ensure their technology is having the greatest impact. We report, advise, and remediate in areas that have clear impact on business outcomes. Some examples include:

  • Healthcare facility is planning to expand their outpatient services. They will need to consider how their technology will support this endeavor and if they have the resources to facilitate the expansion.
  • Healthcare facility receives a security risk assessment that needs ongoing remediation in order to avoid penalties and secure incentives.
  • Healthcare facility losses an IT employee and is now faced with decisions around hiring an IT professional or bringing on a 3rd party IT vendor to fill in gaps. 

Healthcare IT department support & augmentation.

Several signs that your IT department is working at capacity:

  • Increase in trouble Ticket Response and resolution times
  • Business disruptions/security breaches
  • Incomplete Technology projects/projects are over budget and over deadlines
  • Diminished employee morale
  • No ability to project/forecast technology expenses

Option 1: Leave IT to us A co-managed arrangement eliminates the need to hire additional staff. Certified experts work alongside your IT staff or you can choose to outsource your entire IT department. Either way you will be able to take your IT to the next level.

Option 2: Let’s Solve IT together Augmenting your IT department with tools can prevent you from having to add internal staff. Internal IT staff have limited capacity to research & develop, implement, and maintain all aspects of IT infrastructure. Enterprise level IT management tools assists IT managers to become more efficient in managing their networks by providing network visibility, monitoring, alerting, reporting and automation. 

Rural healthcare technology management.

Rural hospitals are the lifeblood of rural communities as they bring economic stability and provide for the healthcare needs of their community members. These hospitals face unique challenges that affect their ability to provide the best quality care to patients and recruit/retain qualified staff. With increasing in federal regulations and the everchanging nature of technology; many hospitals are not current in their technology practices. Gaps in technology pose great risks as securing incentives and preventing penalties for non-compliance becomes a factor in the survival of such facilities.  Did you know since 2010 Texas has had more rural hospital closures than any other state?


As a proud member of Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals we serve the needs of rural hospitals across the state to provide:

1. Cost controls to counteract rising/fluctuating technology costs

2.  Security risks assessments/remediations

3.  IT department augmentation/supplementation

4.  Executive level technology reporting/advising

5. Application/EMR vendor management

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Augment Internal IT Staff

A co-managed arrangement where our certified experts work alongside your IT staff


All-In Support

Seamless end-to-end IT management


Supplemental IT Help

Our turnkey enterprise level IT tools add efficiency to the IT department


Security Risk Assessments (SRAs)

Keeping healthcare organizations compliant 24-7/365


Cloud Infrastructure

Migrate existing on-premise IT infrastructure to offsite hosting

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IT Projects

On time and within budget technology projects built with business outcomes in mind


Phone and Internet

Business voice and unified communications solutions to keep organizations seamlessly connected 

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