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Meals On Wheels receives Mandry CARES contribution via Seymour Hospital

Linda Gilbreath – Director of Meals on Wheels; Jeff Woodham, Mandry Technology; N.E. Deweber – Chairman of Seymour Hospital Board 

We were thrilled when Seymour Hospital in Seymour, Texas, won our Mandry CARES giveaway at the Spring TORCH Meeting in Dallas.  Mandry CARES is how we achieve our goal of joining the community of companies that donate to nonprofits, and it lets us support the communities of our clients and potential clients! We donate to charity on behalf of other organizations, based on who they choose to support. It’s a great way to learn about a diverse set of worthy causes and why they’re important to organizations and communities that are important to us.  Leslie Hardin, Administrator with the Hospital facilitated a contribution to the local Meals On Wheels organization.

Seymour hospital offers a varied range of medical services, equipment, and healthcare professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and support to Baylor County Texas and the surrounding area. 

Mandry was honored to be able to play a role in contributing to Meals On Wheels on behalf of Seymour Hospital. 

Jeff Woodham headshot

Jeff became an invaluable member of the Mandry executive team in 2018, bringing expertise in both IT and corporate operations.


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