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Mandry is Wrapping Up CyberSecurity Awareness Month with the Medtrade East 2022 Conference in Atlanta

For those in the medical field and supporting industries, Medtrade East presents an invaluable opportunity to explore the latest HME technology, establish networking connections and learn from a panel of top executives and industry leaders. Mandry Technology’s own Vice President, Jeff Woodham, will be addressing a threat that’s especially pressing for those in the medical field: Ransomware.

Although ransomware attacks cause an annual loss of about $6 trillion, more than half of businesses don’t feel prepared to defend their organization against an attack. With the rise of the pandemic in 2020, these cybercriminals have shifted their focus to vulnerabilities within healthcare and medical organizations. What could happen if cybercriminals gain access to sensitive information within HME provider operations? What would be the toll on their reputation or your business’ reputation? Financials, customer relationships, trust and operations could all come to a halt without proper planning and preparation.

So what can we do about all of these nefarious Cybersecurity threats? 

Jeff Woodham will detail key ways to identify risk factors, prepare against attacks and utilize available tools and necessary resources to help protect our organizations. 


If you haven’t already registered to attend this year’s Medtrade East expo and conference, sign up or find more information at Our session will begin on Monday, October 24th from 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm at the Georgia World Congress Center.


Additionally, and for more information on this topic, checkout this HME News article. They Interviewed Jeff Woodham in advance of the Medtrade East conference about why cybersecurity is so important for HME providers:



Jeff Woodham headshot

Jeff became an invaluable member of the Mandry executive team in 2018, bringing expertise in both IT and corporate operations.


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