We Are Information Systems Risk Advisors Illuminating the path to business continuity and regulatory compliance
Proven Business Value
Avoid internal and external "blind spots" by seeing the threats and risk to your organization
Focus your resources on the threats that pose the greatest risk to your organization
Make risk decisions at the speed of business with verifiable data, objective information and operational insights
Our team works with your team to quickly and collectively reduce risk through education, mentoring and implementation of remediation activities
Validate Information Privacy/Security Governance
Assess the effectiveness of existing controls and practices
Identify Internal/External Vulnerabilities and Threats
Gain a holistic view of the risks created by IT systems and practices
Ensure Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
Align your people, process and technologies with regulatory compliance frameworks and industry best practices
Maximize the Value of Security Risk Assessments
Understand threats, prioritize risk, and accelerate decisions through continuous assessment, executive-level reporting, and mentoring from certified healthcare information security and privacy professionals
What We Do
Risk is a reality for every organization. The Mandry SECURE difference is our approach to managing risk - perpetual assessment and evaluation of people, practices and technology. Since our focus is on long-term partnerships, we've purpose built systems and procedures that allow us to learn the nuances of your organization and environment. We know every organization is unique. And understanding why, what and how your organization is unique profoundly increases the effectiveness of our services.

The Mandry SECURE team stays consistent in the approach and provides confidence in results. We work with you to build a framework to manage your risk and develop strategies to ensure continuity of operations. The result is an executable strategic plan that serves as a roadmap for governance and risk mitigation
  • Effectiveness of internal controls (policies, procedures)
  • Awareness of threats, risks, and associated gaps related to cyber security
  • Identify vulnerabilities within IT environment (systems, practices, technologies)
  • Respond to and recover from business disruption events (people, process, technologies)
  • Executive summary of IT/compliance standards and best practices
  • Gap Analysis & Remediation Planning
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Business Continuity & Emergency Operations Preparedness
  • Information Security and Privacy Best Practices
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • Data Protection Best Practices
  • Breach Impact Analysis
  • Access to broader/deeper knowledgebase & experienced/credentialed professionals
  • Leverage a broad and deep knowledge base
  • Capacity expansion for existing resources
  • Effective, efficient, and nimble deployment of solutions
  • Organizational confidence with shared responsibility
Risk Management Continuum
Industry Regulatory and Certification Partners