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Supporting a Worthy Cause: Foundation for HCM

Jeff Woodham, Vice President of Operations, Mandry Technology Solutions & Amanda Stevens, Chief Strategy Officer, Hill Country Memorial

When we virtually attended the Texas Healthcare Trustees (THT) Healthcare Governance Conference back in July, we were so excited for the opportunity to connect with healthcare board members from across the state. Mandry SECURE™, our cybersecurity and regulatory compliance offering, provides a unique combination of cybersecurity and healthcare expertise that is perfect for helping board members sleep better. Our goal is to keep healthcare organizations out of the headlines and preserve their reputations in their communities by expanding cybersecurity beyond IT risk assessments and into fully robust cyber risk management.

Ultimately, we care about these organizations because we care about the communities they serve, and we care about the people shouldering the responsibility of serving those communities. We want to take care of those who take care of others. One way we try to do so is through Mandry CARES™.

Mandry CARES is the umbrella under which our philanthropic endeavors fall. This can include everything from charitable donations to volunteer time to participating in fundraisers and beyond. At conferences, like THT’s Healthcare Governance Conference, we like to conduct drawings for Mandry CARES charitable donation giveaways. This allows us to connect with and help support more organizations in more communities, and we were thrilled to announce Hill Country Memorial in Fredericksburg, Texas, as the THT drawing winner.

Hill Country Memorial shares a lot of the values we hold dear here at Mandry. They are focused on individualized care through forming close relationships with patients. Their goal is to help the individuals in the communities they serve achieve lifelong wellbeing.

The hospital’s efforts are supported through its own fundraising foundation, Foundation for HCM. Through various events, campaigns, grants, gifts, and more, the Foundation for HCM has helped ensure Hill Country Memorial’s growth and success since 1989.

As members of our organizations met and bonded over mutual connections and shared values, we were privileged to present the foundation with a Mandry CARES donation in honor of Hill Country Memorial winning the THT giveaway. The Foundation for HCM is a critical part of keeping healthcare present and thriving in central Texas communities, a worthy cause we are more than happy to stand behind.

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With a background in technical writing, marketing communication, and web design, Jordan served as Mandry Technology's first in-house marketer.


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